A blend of purified plant extracts to soothe and nutritionally support a healthy digestive system and gut membrane.


UlsaGon buffers the digestive tract, supporting a healthy gut environment and pH. Contains purified pectins and purified beta glucans.

These are soluble fibres supporting a healthy gut and immune system, enhancing a healthy digestive mucosal lining and gut microbial balance. Contains phosphatidyl choline, a purified lecithin for gut lining support.


For horses that

  • Have sensitivity to being girthed up and the saddle put on,
  • Chew wood, lead ropes or eat soil
  • Avoid the bit with the head placement, nose upwards pointing
  • Are grumpy to the touch around the girth area, behind elbows and between legs
  • Are reluctant to pick up hind feet, snatchy movement or holds feet tight up to belly
  • Can have stressy behaviour, nervous and jumpy
  • Are poor doers or tucked up appearance


  • Composition
    Purified Beta Glucan Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Purified Citrus Pectin Extract, Magnesium Carbonate, Phosphatidyl Choline, Purified Aloe Vera extract.

    Crude Protein 9.1%, Crude Fibre 8.7%, Crude Ash 24.7%, Crude Oil 2.68%

  • A typical feeding rate is 1 level scoop* twice per day for a large horse and 1/2 level scoop twice per day for a pony. A maintenance rate of half this amount can be fed long term.
    Add to regular hard feed, preferably split between multiple meals each day.
    For optimum results, feed alongside Thunderbrook Liquid Gold
    *Scoop provided inside bag