TopChop Sport is a natural product made from a mixture of British meadow grass species and high-temperature dried British alfalfa, dressed with a light coating of soya oil. TopChop Sport contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating.

The formula for TopChop Sport has been approved by the nutritional team as suitable for all horses and ponies, other than those prone to laminitis and/or those that need to lose weight (TopSpec nutritionists recommend that either TopChop Lite or TopChop Zero is used for horses and ponies in these circumstances).

It is ideal for horses and ponies that find alfalfa chop bitter, perfect for fussy feeders including performance horses.

TopChop Sport

  • The typical ingredients in TopChop Sport are dried alfalfa, dried grass, soya oil (GM). 

  • Typical Nutritional Analysis:

    Oil %4.5

    Protein %14.0

    Fibre %25.0

    DE MJ/kg9.5

    Starch %2.0