We are very excited about our new range of recycled trashy bags from Ghana. They are made from recycled water sachets, which contain fresh drinking water and are then discarded on the streets in Ghana.


We are hoping that these stylish and high quality waterproof recycled trashy bags for life will help save the environment one bag at a time. 

The recycled trashy Akoma Bag will be the must have environmentally friendly fashion accessory and are exclusive to Tilnar Art in UK!


These Trashy Bags are handmade and Fair Trade from Ghana. It is estimated that in Ghana, waste produced from plastic packaging amounts to 270 tonnes per day leading to pollution of the streets, beaches and seas.


On average, Ghanaians drink 1-2 sachets of water every day. Being cheaper and more convenient than plastic or glass bottles, the water sachets have become greatly popular in Western Africa.


The conditions of West Africa, levels of education and lack of awareness of environmental issues lead to careless disposal of the sachets into the environment. One of the most common items of litter and rubbish in Ghana are plastic drinking water and ice-cream sachets that have been discarded after use. These plastic items will often end up polluting the seas.


These Trashy Bags help to reduce this pollution as the reclaimed plastic drinking water and ice-cream sachets are not reprocessed in any way apart from cleaning and are then upcycled to make the fantastic Fair Trade Recycled Bags. This has the benefit that very little energy is used in order to add value to material that would otherwise end up polluting our environment.


By purchasing one of these bags you will be helping to save the environment one bag at a time.

Recycled Water Sachet Sankofa Bag