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Pure Veteran Pellets are ideal for older horses that require a mash. Packing the same nutritional value as a mix, but served in a different form, it can help you tempt your horse if they are a fussy eater.

Senior horses generally need more vitamins and minerals because their gut is less efficient at absorbing them than younger horses. We have formulated Pure Veteran Pellets to include higher levels of vitamins and minerals to counter this. This feed also contain slow-release calories to help maintain condition. It provides sources of quality protein which are easily digested to help maintain muscle tone and topline.

Pure Veteran Pellets are low in starch and sugar so are appropriate for horses that have suffered with laminitis or that need a low sugar and starch diet.

Because Pure Veteran Pellets have a balancer designed for senior horses, they contain everything your horse nutritionally requires. This makes them convenient to buy and convenient to feed.

The Pure Veteran Pellets must be soaked with water prior to feeding. Soak two parts water to one part feed until a soft mash is formed. Using hot water will speed up the process, but feed should be served cold. Allow up to one hour’s soaking time.

Pure Veteran Pellets

    • Soya Hulls
    • Oatfeed
    • Unmolassed Sugar Beet
    • Micronized Linseed
    • Wheatfeed
    • Pure Balance
    • Soya Oil
    • Salt

    Free from:

    • Molasses   X
    • Wholegrain Cereals   X
    • Alfalfa   X
    • Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS)   X