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Pure Linseed is unique in our range as it contains nothing but linseed. It is high in slow-release calories and protein and can be fed alongside any other Pure feed. It is the perfect top-up for horses that need extra help maintaining condition or an extra source of slow-release energy. You feed it straight from the bag with no need to soak or boil, making it super convenient.

Pure Linseed


    • Micronized Linseed


    Free from:

    • Molasses   x       
    • wholegrain Cereals  x
    • Alfalfa    x
    • Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS)    x
  • Digestible Energy 20MJ/kg Vitamin B2 2.5mg/kg Manganese 25mg/kg
    Protein 23% Vitamin E 6mg/kg Zinc 45mg/kg
    Oil 35% Niacin 30mg/kg Selenium 0.4%
    Fibre 7% Folic Acid 2.7mg/kg Iodine 0.4mg/kg
    Starch 3.7% Biotin 0.6mg/kg Salt 0.07%
    Calcium 0.23% Magnesium 0.36g/kg Lysine 0.93g/kg
    Phosphorus 0.65% Naturally occuring iron 140mg/kg Methionine 0.46g/kg
    Vitamin B1 9mg/kg Copper 17mg/kg