Our powder form is administered for 5 consecutive days every 3 months (full feeding instructions are shown on the packaging.) The powder is quite fine and so does need mixing in with a feed. This form of our product is particularly popular with owners whose horses are prone to laminitis or cushings as it is simply a blend of our equine herbs with nothing else added. This also helps us to keep the pricing low making this form particularly cost effective.

Verm-X Equine Powder Composition: Garlic, Cinnamon, Common Thyme, Peppermint, Fennel, Cleavers, Nettle, Slippery Elm, Quassia, Elecampane. 


How much and how often do I feed Verm-X Powder to my Horse/Pony?


Two 8g scoops(15ml) to your horse's feed each day for five consecutive days, repeat every 12 weeks.

Feed half the adult amount to foals between 6-18 months of age. The full adult amount can be fed from 18 months. 

Use half the stated amount for ponies 11.2hh and smaller. 


Verm-X Horse Powder: 80g will last one horse one 5-day course which will cover for 3 months.

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