Horses are not just grazers. they are browsers too and they naturally seek out and selectively eat herbage and barks in the hedgerows and woods, and dig out roots of their natural habitat.


These plants other than grasses provide a rich and varied source of natural antioxidants, metabolic co-factors and other micro-nutrients in the form of ‘functional foods’


‘Herbs that horses seek’ is ideal for those horses and ponies who have restricted turnout, or their grazing is confined (eg with electric fencing) to areas that lack natural hedgerows, trees, and vegetation other than grasses.


Contains a blend of fruits, herbs and botanicals based on observation of horses browsing in a natural habitat.


Herbs That Horses Seek comes in a spring/summer blend and an autumn/winter blend, to match the natural browse of your horse.


  • Spring/Summer blend: Mint Leaf, Rosehip, Dandelion Leaf, Cleavers, Hawthorn Herb, Nettle Leaf, Tangerine, Meadowsweet, Burdock, Milk Thistle, Bilberry Leaf, Goats Rue, Willow Herb
    Autumn/Winter blend:  Mint Leaf, Rosehip, Dandelion Root, Nettle Leaf, Meadowsweet, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Berries, Cleavers, Bilberry Fruit, Cranberries, Burdock
    Our Herbal Supplements are formulated to nutritionally support specific needs. 
    They are herbal, functional foods and NOT veterinary medicines.  Please ensure that you consult with your veterinary surgeon if you have concerns about your horse’s health.

    Oil (2.0%), Protein (15.8%), Fibre (25%), Ash (10%) DE (11MJ/kg)

  • Feed 1 to 2 measures* twice per day, top dressed onto regular feed or hand feed as a treat.
    Lasts one to two months depending on feeding rate.
    *scoop provided inside bag