A blend of fruits, herbs and botanicals to gently cleanse the digestive system, to aid the natural removal of sand, soil, part digested fibre and other debris and toxins. Veterinary Recommended.


Poor digestion caused by age, dental problems, worm damage and poor quality feed can lead to to food particles and other debris accumulating in the large intestine, preventing the smooth passage of food through the gut, and the build up of toxins.


Gut Cleanse is particularly useful if your horse is grazing on sandy or light soil, or for older horses with natural ‘wear and tear’ of their intestines.


  • Composition

    Psyllium husk, Inner Slippery Elm Bark, Yeasacc, BioMos, MycoSorb, Fennel, Chamomile, Rosehip, Meadowsweet, Comfrey, Spearmint.


    Crude Protein 9.1%, Crude Fibre 8.9%, Ash 5.6%, DE 10.09 MJ/kg, Sugar 2.6%, Starch 5.39%

  • Up to 2 level scoops* twice per day for a large horse or half this rate for a small pony.
    Add to regular hard feed, preferably split between two meals each day.
    *50ml scoop provided inside bag – 1 level scoop provides 25g.