Combines a probiotic yeast, prebiotic and brewers yeast for gut health and optimum digestion.

Digestive Health Plus is ideal for horses in work, veteran horses or those needing more condition.

The probiotic yeast in Digestive Health Plus is a live yeast that research has shown helps to improve fibre digestion. The prebiotic provides a food supply for specific, beneficial bacteria which is important for enabling them to maintain a healthy population in the digestive tract. Brewers yeast is a recognised source of B vitamins and other nutrients that encourage the microbial population to thrive. Efficient fibre digestion means that even more nutrients are available to the horse so that fibre supplies a greater proportion of the horse’s nutritional requirements thereby reducing the need for cereal based feeds.

When to use

  • Short term during times of stress such as competition and travelling
  • Long term to optimise fibre digestion and maintain the health of the digestive system
  • Older horses
  • Youngstock

Digestive Health Plus 10kg

  • Probiotic yeast, prebiotic and brewers yeast.