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  • Provides naturally balanced energy for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements.
  • Open textured mix with natural ingredients that have undergone minimal processing.
  • Includes wholesome cereals, such as steam flaked barley, maize and peas alongside cereal fibres and rapeseed oil.
  • Contains all the vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet to support your horse or pony’s all round, long term health.

Cool Mix™

    • Oatfeed
    • Wheatfeed
    • Flaked barley
    • Molasses
    • Flaked Peas
    • Flaked maize
    • Sunflower extract
    • Rice bran
    • Calcium carbonate
    • Rapeseed oil
    • Salt
    • Calcined magnesite
    • Barley
    • Vitamin & mineral premix

    Please note that we may occasionally make small adjustments to our formulations. Please contact Care-Line for specific advice, especially in relation to allergies.