Activated charcoal absorbs many toxins, including bacterial endotoxins, certain pesticides, etc. It is a useful feed additive during feed changeovers, periods of growth of lush grass, when ponies have gorged in feed bins, broken out into lush grazing, etc. Activated charcoal will absorb prescribed drugs such as metformin, bute, pergolide etc, so if your horse is on medication please check with your veterinary surgeon or call us for more advice.


Our Activated Charcoal is produced from coconut shells, that are heated to very high temperatures to remove any organic matter, it is then exposed to super heated steam to activate the charcoal which increases the surface area and absorbency of the material by over 300%. It is pharmaceutical grade, B.P.C 1934 which stands for British Pharmaceutical Codex which defines the quality and specification of the activated charcoal.  The correct chemical term for this grade of material is activated carbon.  


Charcoal is a low grade material and can be produced from organic matter such as moss or wood, we only use coconut based Activated Carbon as the material has a high surface area, absorbency and purity which is far safer to use than charcoals derived from woods etc.  Such products based on charcoal should not be taken orally for use in man or animals as the material can contain harmful substances, only use Activated Charcoal (Carbon).


Produced from natural ingredients, no artificial additives or ingredients.


Activated Charcoal

  • Composition
    Activated Charcoal BPC 1934

    Crude Fibre 38.8%, Protein 0.9%, Ash 17.0%, DE 6.01 MJ/kg, Sugar 0.3%, Starch <2%

  • Pony up to 300kg
    10-25g once or twice per day
    Horse up to 700kg
    20-50g once or twice per day