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14% Mix is a very palatable mix which is designed for fussy feeders that reject low starch cubes but need additional feed alongside a feed balancer. 14% Mix is formulated utilising highly digestible fibre sources and cooked cereals to improve digestibility.

14% Mix is designed to be added to a TopSpec Feed Balancer or supplement and therefore contains no added vitamins or trace-elements. That is why we call it a ‘blend,’ because is it a blend of straight raw materials rather than a complete feed.

One of the ways in which it is superior to most straights however, is that it has been supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium. For example, feeding 14% Mix instead of cooked barley/sugar beet/oats/alfalfa to working horses, reduces or eliminates the need to add salt.

14% Mix has a high energy (calorie) level of 13MJ/kg, will promote condition and topline, and provide the energy for hard work. The formula maximises the use of highly digestible fibre sources and contains oil to help promote a shiny coat.


14% Mix

  • The typical ingredients in TopSpec 14% Mix are wheatfeed, high fibre oat-by product, cooked flaked barley, cooked flaked oats, molasses, micronised flaked peas, soya bean meal (GM), linseed expeller, unmolassed beet pulp, micronised flaked maize, mineral premix, lucerne, full fat linseed, soya oil (GM

  • ypical Nutritional Analysis:

    Oil %5.5

    Protein %14.0

    Fibre %10.0

    DE MJ/kg13.0

    Starch %25.0

    Ca %1.0

    Mg %0.